Engage Globally, Build Locally: A Platform for Building an Open-Source, Locally-Assembled, Low cost and Life Size InMoov Robot for Education

Covie is made with over 475 individually printed 3d parts. It has taken over 1000 hours of printing time to create the robot.

The InMoov Robot

A Unique Open Source Platform in Robotics

The InMoov robot created by Gael Langevin, is a life size open source robot. Gael Langevin, the creator, started with a Open Source prosthetic hand, in 2012. This led him to create the InMoov, the world’s first open source 3D printed robot. While our goal was to create a robot we discovered in the building process that we created a fellowship .

The project connected us around the world with other robot enthusiasts. Even though we did not make anything new we motivated other schools and teachers to adapt and collaborate with our project. Therefore we named our robot Covie, after Coverks, the Coworking organization in Kvinesdal where our teacher is a member. Coworking means collaboration. Are we able to create a low cost, life size robot and have fun learning to code? The answer we discovered was yes.

This project is meant to be a long term project.

We will never be truly finished with the robot because there will always be new ideas and innovations that come with collaboration. This project contributes to the education of fellow students- by showing it is not difficult to 3D print parts, or learn basic programming.

We can show the robot to other schools, we become ambassadors for technology. It has taken six months with 3d printing over 475 parts to complete the Robot and our next step is adding 24 servos and two Arduino boards to complete a functioning robot.

Simon Lund, Henning Gustavsen and Ivar Gyland from Kvinesdal Ungdomskole with teacher Per Olav Verås.