Kan du hjelpe oss å oversette?

Kodetimen er basert på Hour of Code laget av Code.org. De har laget mange fine oppgaver som vi oversetter med deres oversetterverktøy Crowdin.

Vi oversetter både nynorsk og bokmål. Akkurat nå er det bokmål som ligger best an med 85% oversatt, mens nynorsk har 61%.



Vil du hjelpe? Vi oversetter setning for setning i Crowdin. Du kan stemme på de beste oversettelsene og diskutere oversettelser og terminologi i Crowdin. For å bli med må du

  • Lage en konto på Crowdin
  • Sette i gang med å oversette bokmål eller nynorsk.

Her er en mail fra Code.org sitt oversetterteam som forklarer flere ting:


Most of our translations are done through Crowdin, a tool that is free to join and open to any volunteers who want to help with translations. Here is a quick demo video of how to useCrowdin.
Here is a link to the Hour of Code project. This project is for translating and localizing the hourofcode.com site. The most important file to complete is the “hourofcode.com homepage” file, here is the Spanish link for example. You can replace “es” in the URL with your language code to see the status of the file for your language.
Here is a link to the Code.org project. This project is for the Code.org and studio.code.org sites and all of our Code Studio tutorials (Minecraft, Star Wars, Frozen, Flappy, etc.). In order to add a language to the language dropdown, you’ll need to complete at least the code.org homepage and the top Hour of Code tutorials.
  • The homepage strings are in the pegasus/mobile.yml file and search for “homepage”. Here is a link to Spanish for example.
  • Here are the instructions for finding the strings for the Star Wars tutorial
  • As well as the instructions for the Minecraft tutorial
Here are instructions for translating video captions with a demo video at the bottom. This page includes links to most of our videos. Any video is available for translation, so if it’s not on the list you just need to paste in the YouTube link in Amara. Amara is the translation tool, similar to Crowdin, except just for videos. Simply add your translation in the tool then email me to publish to YouTube.
Members of the project are either a translator or proofreader. A translator can provide translations, while a proofreader can both provide translations as well as select the best translation to be used on the site. The final translation that appears on our site is selected as follows:
  • A proofreader selects the best translation.
  • If there is no translation selected by a proofreader, translators vote on the best translation and the translation with the most votes is selected.
  • if votes are tied, the most recent translation will be selected.