Vi mottok denne mailen fra Hadi Partovi, som startet Vi synes den fortjener å gjengis i sin helhet

Calling all engineers. Worldwide.

Last year, 40,000 teachers led a grassroots effort called the Hour of Code – to introduce ten million students to one hour of computer science. Kids of all ages tried one hour of writing code and making apps in classrooms, and they loved it.

This year, supported by over 100 organizations, we want to reach 100 million students, across every country in the world, during Computer Science Education Week (Dec 8 – 14).




What’s an Hour of Code?

It’s a fun introduction to computer science, for anyone to learn the basics. We provide easy tutorials – featuring Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates – on computers, tablets, or smartphones.

Software engineers, we need your help

1) Donate to our crowdfunding campaign. To teach 100 million children, we need your support. We just launched what could be the largest education crowdfunding campaign in history, and we need your support. Every dollar will be matched, doubling your impact

2) Recruit a local classroom. Share this video, email, and handout with a teacher. If you have a child in elementary school, tell their teacher about our K-5 courses and professional development workshops.

3) Host an Hour of Code (with children, or at work). See this short how-to guide.

4) Spread the word. Share on Facebook, post to Twitter.

5) Our courses are available in 30 languages. Help us translate. Help us reach non-English- speaking schools

Welcome to the 21st Century

Computer science is foundational for all students. Yet most schools don’t teach it, and most students never get a chance to try it. We owe it to our children to give them one hour.

Together, we’re making history. Please support our work.

Hadi Partovi

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